Welcome to SunFresh Produce Ltd

SunFresh follows the philosophy of Organic and Fairtrade; our grower network is continuously growing because of our transparency and sustainable values. We believe growers should receive true and fair returns for their fresh produce whilst farming harmoniously with nature.

The DNA of SunFresh is sourcing fresh produce sustainably; applying a holistic approach to wellbeing and discouraging any form of destructive farming practice. Our belief is strengthened with the increase of food scares, traceability concerns and unnecessary complex business structures consuming profits before people, communities and the planet.

We are a young ethical business not seeking short term large profits but managing long term commitments to socially responsible farming practices for future generations. We are continuously developing and building our business; we need more growers both within the UK and globally. If you’re looking to build a sustainable and ethical business within organic fresh produce please contact SunFresh Produce.


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